Happy Students

Niels Buijssen

I really like my classes with Kiara. She is very patient with my beginner level of Spanish and we always have something to talk about. She's broadly interested in societal, cultural, and linguistic matters, so our conversations are always interesting. I'm looking forward to practicing more Spanish with her!

Ryan V. Anderson

Kiara is a pleasure to learn from. She always has a sunny attitude. She is very patient with me when I have questions that interrupt the flow of her lessons. In fact, she encourages questions which is good because I always have a lot. Her mastery of both English and Spanish grammar is clear in each class we have. I feel in good hands with Kiara.

Yimmy Silva

Muy buena clase, excelente dicción y un vocabulario muy fluido. En 30 minutos aprendí mas cosas de las que aprendí en 5 años en la escuela. Gracias por la paciencia! Te veo pronto.

Abelmy Casas Mayolo

It's a pleasure to attend her classes because every time I learn something new and feel that I'm getting better at my English skills.

Iván Sánchez

Kiara es una excelente y paciente profesora. Ella va planificando las clases de acuerdo con las necesidades y áreas de oportunidad que tú tienes, la clase de gramática fue estructurada y previo a la sesión Kiara envió ejercicios de contexto que ayudaron a entender mejor el tema. Es una persona muy empática, se preocupa de que todo quede entendido y prepara el material para lograr los objetivos de la sesión. También muy paciente y tiene domino de muchos temas para poder tener una plática interesante y llena de aprendizajes. Excelente, la recomiendo ampliamente.

Liam H.

Kiara has been a fantastic teacher. She is knowledgeable, patient, and happy to create tailored lessons to specific topics of interest. Her extensive familiarity with both English and Spanish makes it super easy to translate complex sentences and ideas. She has answered any questions I’ve had, ranging from basic to more advanced.

S. C.

Kiara's an intelligent, encouraging, and patient teacher who's helped me immensely with my conversational Spanish these past few months. We always have something to talk about, so classes are fun and without a dull moment! Her additional mastery in English has also definitely helped me learn how to express more complex ideas/phrases in Spanish as well as break down more technical grammatical points. Kiara's super professional and reliable - highly recommend her if you're looking to improve your English or Spanish!

Karina Rodriguez

La mejor profesora que he tenido. La amé. Es chistosa, creativa, pedagógica e increíblemente inteligente. Conversamos de muchos temas en solo 30 minutos, estoy muy emocionada de tener más clases con ella en el futuro. Le conté sobre lo que necesitaba (práctica de speaking) y lo hizo maravillosamente, junto con tomar nota de mi progreso para traer más materiales las próximas clases. Tengo tarea y la revisaremos con las correcciones la próxima sesión. Muy recomendada. Organización, diversión y mucho aprendizaje!


Kiara is one of the few tutors on iTalki that I can guarantee you will not get bored with. They are three things that I can guarantee you about her lessons, first thing is that you are always gonna laugh together, second thing is that in every lesson you are gonna learn new things from her, in which you are not gonna feel bored with the lessons. The third and final thing is that she is a professional debater, so you can learn from her how to win an argument. Book with her a class and I promise you that you are not gonna regret it.


I have taken several lessons from teachers on Italki. I can honestly say I enjoyed her approach and knowledge one of the best. She is patient and encouraging while challenging in an appropriate way. I look forward to more classes to expand my learning. Not only does she understand teaching methods, but she is also very attentive to the level I am currently speaking at. There is an attention to detail that is very helpful. Also, her patience makes me feel more confident in my speaking and my comprehension.

Cristiano Oliveira

She is a simply incredible teacher, has a lot of calm and patience, and at the same time wonderful energy. Thank you very much, until the next class. I loved the blue hair! In addition to being an EXCEPTIONAL teacher, is very friendly that makes time fly, eternal GUARANTEE for her patience, and the class is very lively! I love you in advance the best teacher in the world,  hahaha. See you Kiara!


After a couple of lessons with Kiara, my confidence in English has increased a lot. It is always a pleasure to talk with her about various topics. The lessons are always very useful and productive. She is an encouraging teacher. She gave me many suggestions and helped me correct my words and pronunciation to increase my vocabulary. My problem with tenses has also improved already. I am so happy to learn English with her.

Adam Weir

Great experience, Kiara's explanation of Spanish grammar and pronunciation was helpful, and her English was very good. Looking forward to doing more lessons

Chethan Daniel

Kiara is amazing and professional. I had an amazing lesson and she helped me at every step. Even though it was my first lesson I felt very comfortable. Thank you very much and hope to see you soon.

Leni Redmond

Kiara was very good at adapting to my level and anticipating problem areas. I appreciate her patience and feedback. Definitely recommend.

Joel Ong

kiara is a very engaging teacher that uses a range of materials to conduct lessons. she also has a strong command English language, which does go a long way in terms of explaining the subtle nuances of Spanish phrases/ vocab. highly recommend her to anyone looking to improve their level of spanish :)

Jorge Rolando

Great experience. Kiara was very nice and encouraging. She helped me in all areas I wanted to focus on and by the end of our class, she already had a plan to help me achieve my goals. 10/10 would highly recommend!

Travis Boyco

Fue genial hablar con Kiara! Estoy mejorando mi capacidad para hablar español y su clase es una forma perfecta de hacerlo. Emocionado por aprender más!


Just had my first Spanish lesson with this amazing teacher and I HAD to share my experience! 🎉 First off, she was super supportive and patient, which is so important when learning a new language. You could really tell she cares about her students and their progress! She made the lesson so enjoyable and was incredibly helpful with any questions I had. The way she explained things was just 👌, and it made everything click for me. If you're looking for a Spanish teacher, look no further! 🌟

William Breeman

Aunque solo ha sido por un poco de tiempo, me ayuda bastante con una variedad de temas para conversaciones y su habilidad para expresar lo que quiero comunicarme. Gracias por todo

Victor LeBlanc

It is such a pleasure to have met this extremely bright young teacher. She is interested, organized, engaging, encouraging and otherwise excellent at her job. I highly recommend her for your Spanish lessons. ¡Muchas gracias Kiara!


Really great first lesson!! Kiara takes the time to understand what your individual goals are and create lesson plans for you.

Vincent Cimilluca

Kiara was attentive and very professional. She listened to my weaknesses and crafted a lesson plan based upon them. I can't wait to continue my journey with her. I highly recommend her.