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Prof. Certificada

Certificada internacionalmente como profesora de inglés y tutora de Español. Especializada en Gramática, Preparación de Exámenes y Habilidades Oratorias

Mi Carrera Profesional


Universidades, Escuelas y Online

Más de 6 años de experiencia en instituciones y compañías al rededor del mundo enseñando variadas materias.

Nivel 5 TEFL

Calificación del más alto nivel en ESL: Especialización en Enseñar Inglés como Segundo Idioma del Estudiante.

Continuando mi Educación

Actual (y constantemente) trabajando en nuevas y mejoradas calificaciones para expandir mis habilidades y calidad como profesora de idiomas.

Voluntariados en Educación

Contribución a la educación sin fines de lucro participando en programas institucionales y fundaciones que benefician distintos grupos etarios.


Clases Grupales

Conversational and grammar lessons offer a unique opportunity for individuals to gain a deeper understanding of the target language through interactive and collaborative learning with peers and the teacher. These lessons can help improve your skills and confidence in communication, leading to greater success in your language-learning journey.

$ 10 / hora


Clases en Pareja

Accountability and support are essential in language learning, and partnering with someone can offer these benefits. Your partner can help overcome insecurities and understand common struggles and emotions during the learning process. They can also provide motivation and encouragement to stay on track and reach goals.

$25 c/u


Personalized classes are an ideal option for students who want an intensive, tailored learning experience. These classes can be enhanced by complementing them with group classes, which provide a more natural use of the language, while personalized classes focus on targeted controlled practice and knowledge development.

$ 45 / hora

Clases Individuales

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woman in gray and white striped long sleeve shirt using silver macbook

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Estudiantes Felices


Ryan Wood

Kiara is a fantastic teacher who wants to see you succeed. My classes with her are always fun and I’ve learned so much from her already because the classes are tailored toward what I’m struggling with and/or what I need. Also, her English skills are nothing short of amazing. 10/10

Jorge R.

Great experience. Kiara was very nice and encouraging. She helped me in all areas I wanted to focus on and by the end of our class, she already had a plan to help me achieve my goals. 10/10 would highly recommend it!

Joseph Z.

The lesson was massively productive. I highly recommend Kiara to anyone who wants to improve their English speaking skills. The lesson was interesting, the teacher was helpful as always. Do not wait any more, just now order a lesson package for yourself. You will not regret the money which you spent.

J. Cheung

Excellent lesson, kiara is an experienced and motivated lecturer. I enjoy the conversation practice, Kiara send me the material which is across a variety of topics and she was helping me to realize about what my weaknesses, I appreciate her teaching skills and look forward to keeping learning from her.


Clase de Prueba

As a qualified teacher, I offer customized instruction to meet your personal learning goals. During the trial lesson, we will conduct a Needs Analysis to determine your learning specifications, level, and preferences, allowing us to tailor future lessons to your specific needs. I believe that a trial lesson is an excellent way to get started on your path to fluency and I am excited to help you succeed in your journey. Let's get started today!

$15 / sesión

100% Satisfacción Garantizada o Devolución del Dinero

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